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Innovate with Ease: Build and Deploy AI-Enabled & L1 Blockchain dApps at Scale

Unlock the power of technology with our inclusive financial system and accelerate growth with DIAM - the digital asset of our digital future

Explore the New Frontiers of Financial Freedom With Diamante Net

Built on concrete trust, we offer our innovative technology that is the epitome of consistency, security, and cost-effectiveness

Scalable Protocols

Scalable Protocols

Secured networks

Secured Networks

Sustainable platforms

Sustainable Platforms

A Global Financial Ecosystem

A Global Financial Ecosystem

To uphold authenticity, protect ingenuity, and maintain consistency, our platforms offer reliable and speedy financial transactions


Building layer 1 blockchain-backed and AI-enabled digital economy to reshape the global financial system


Diamante Net

Our cutting-edge technology doesn't rely on any single authority, making it perfect for pseudonymous interactions and building dApps. The platform is open to everyone.



Our native digital asset and utility coin, DIAM, enables secure and efficient transactions while allowing users to access apps across the Diamante Ecosystem.


An Open-Source Network to Empower the Businesses

  • Conduct Fiat and digital asset transactions around the world
  • Handles 7500 concurrent TPS and can do up to 10+ million transactions a day
  • Real-time payment settlements in 2-4 seconds in a 1000+ node environment

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