Bug Bounty

The Diamante Network has Launched on the Mainnet, and We need your help to Ensure the Security of the Protocol! The Diamante Bounty Program is Launching to identify Bugs and Critical Vulnerabilities in Network Infrastructure and Smart Contracts.

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Bug Bounty

Bounty Program Scope

Up to 0.5% of the total DIAM Coin Supply is Allocated to Reward Successful Bounty Hunters. Please review the Program Terms and Scope below. The Diamante Bug Bounty Program is Seeking Researchers and Developers to find and Report any other Vulnerabilities in the Protocol Infrastructure, Including:

  • Network Smart Contracts
  • DIAM Node and Validating CLI
  • Validator Selection
  • Query Cost Model/Market Logic
  • State Channel/Ledger Channels
  • You can find all Protocol Components in the Diamante Code Repo
Bug Bounty

Bounty Types

Three types of Bounties that vary in Bug Severity and Bounty Size. D0 Bounties are the most Critical and Will be Valued the Highest.

    D0 Bounties

    Vulnerabilities that could Cause Validator, Archiever, Watcher, or End-User Funds to be Exploited, Stolen, or Locked up.

    Vulnerabilities that could Cause Private User Information (i.e. Keys, Private Key Information) Stolen.

D0 Bounties
D0 Bounties

    D1 Bounties

    Vulnerabilities in the Validator Software (e.g. DIAM Node, Validator CLI) that could result in the Malfunction or not running Effectively.

    Vulnerabilities that could cause the Protocol or Query Market to "halt" or Impact the Liveness of the Protocol.

    Determinism Bugs that could Lead to Incorrect or Inconsistent Query results by Validators in the Network.

    D2 Bounties

    Vulnerabilities that could Degrade the Validation or Querying Service.

    Impersonation or Sybil Attack Vulnerabilities

D0 Bounties
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