The Fastest & the Safest Non-Custodial Wallet

DIAM Wallet is an easy-to-use service where you get access to your funds. Only you should have access to your wallet.

Making Digital Payments Easy and Secure Across Borders

A Seamless Experience

DIAM Wallet is one of the most seamless and simple non-custodial crypto wallets, offering you the fastest and safest crypto transactions.

The DIAM Tokenomics

What's a DIAM Wallet?

Manage your Funds Easily

Send, receive, and manage all your digital currency in the most seamless way with DIAM Wallet.

The Safest Blockchain Networks

Backed by the safest layer 1 blockchain networks: Diamante, Binance, Ethereum, and TRON.

Low-Cost and Fast Transactions

Offers low-cost and fastest transactions at 0.0000024 USD/transaction and 7500 transactions per second.

The Most Advanced Security

Highly safe and robust security features.

Full Ownership

Non-custodial wallet, ensuring users have control over their account, providing complete ownership and security of their assets.

Transactions Across Blockchains

Don’t limit your transactions. Make transactions across blockchain with seamless interoperability
Get On The Web3 Revolution with DIAM Wallet

Make your crypto transactions more secure, seamless, and faster with DIAM wallet and get an edge in this web3 revolution

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