DIAM is our native digital asset and a utility coin built on Diamante Net. DIAM coin provides high security at every stage of the transaction and complete traceability at an ultra-low cost. It also provides complete access to the Diamante ecosystem.

Founded in 2018, DiamCircle offers a comprehensive ecosystem for building decentralized applications, digital asset management, and an exchange platform underpinned by Diamante Net, the proprietary blockchain network of the Diamante ecosystem.

We aim to create tangible value across industries at the intersection of innovation and technology to enhance transparency, efficiency, accessibility, and security. This inclusivity spans across sectors such as payments, gaming, banking, finance, metaverse, CBDC, and so on.

Diamante Net, developed by Diamante, is the 4th generation, layer 1, hybrid blockchain, facilitating swift and secure financial transactions and enabling the development of decentralized applications and platforms on the top of its infrastructure.

The proprietary blockchain network, Diamante Net is fortified with a multi-layer authentication mechanism and anti-spamming controls, ensuring that only authenticated users and stakeholders can participate in transactions. The network's encryption mechanism is built upon the underlying principles of Fully Harmonic Encryption (FHE), reducing the computational requirements for encryption and decryption of data within the network. This comprehensive approach to security and encryption not only safeguards sensitive information but also enhances the efficiency and reliability of our blockchain network.

Diamante Net employs a federated consensus mechanism, eliminating the need for a central authority to be trusted. Instead, consensus is achieved through voting by a group of trusted nodes known as validators, which can be run by anyone without requiring permission from a central authority. After reaching a consensus, votes are tallied to make decisions. This approach ensures scalability in comparison to existing protocols, as it can be applied to distributed systems with numerous nodes without reliance on a single central authority.

Yes, DIAM is deployed in the Diamante Network, Binance and Ethereum networks. The coin is available in its wrapped version for both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (ERC-20 and BEP-20) and can be stored in the DIAM wallet.

DIAM offers real-time settlement of financial transactions in 2-4 seconds with a 1000+ node environment. As a utility coin, DIAM Coins can be used to pay for transaction fees and other services within the Diamante Net platform.

The maximum total coin supply of DIAM coins is 10 billion (pre-mined).

DIAMs are created as the principal coins of the Diamante network, with a predetermined 10 billion coin supply at the launch of the Diamante network.

DIAM coins have value due to their utility on the Diamante network for facilitating transactions and acting as a bridge currency for multi-currency exchanges. Their limited supply, alongside the demand driven by network adoption and partnerships, further supports their value. Additionally, speculation in the cryptocurrency market and Diamante's focus on financial inclusion contribute to DIAM coins' valuation. Essentially, the combination of utility, scarcity, and demand in various contexts underpins the value of DIAM coins.

The price of DIAM coins is influenced by supply and demand dynamics, the utility of DIAM coins within the Diamante network for transactions and as a bridge currency, network adoption, and market speculation. Factors such as technological advancements, strategic partnerships, and overall crypto market trends also play a significant role.

Yes, the Diamante network and DIAM coin are designed with eco-friendliness and sustainability in mind, prioritizing efficient energy consumption and environmentally conscious practices within the blockchain ecosystem.

You can buy DIAMs through our ongoing private sale with the respective vesting scheme. Besides this, once the DIAM gets listed on the exchanges, you can buy DIAMs via exchange platforms.

Using the DIAM Wallet, you can easily send DIAM to anyone with a compatible wallet. Transactions can be made directly from your wallet to another, facilitating user-to-user transfers without intermediaries.

DIAM serves as a utility coin in our Diamante ecosystem. Whatever application we build on Diamante will be the underlying asset. Basically, DIAM acts as fuel in our Diamante ecosystem.

The DIAM wallet mobile app allows you to store and manage your DIAMs across the DIAMNET, BINANCE, and ETHEREUM networks.

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