DIAM Ambassador Program

Welcome to the DIAM Ambassador Program!

With its innovative technologies, $DIAM is at the forefront of revolutionizing the blockchain, AI and crypto space. Our success is driven not only by cutting-edge solutions but also by the strength of our growing community. Now, you have the opportunity to shape the future of DIAM by becoming a DIAM Ambassador!

DIAM Community

Follow DIAM all social handles to be a part of our vibrant and global community https://linktr.ee/diamsocial

What is DIAM Ambassador Program!

DIAM has been rapidly advancing in the Diamante ecosystem, aiming to build a strong and vibrant DIAM Community in the crypto space. DIAM Ambassador Program is an exclusive collaboration with select Influencers, community builders and KOLs to promote DIAM & Diamante Net's Go-to-Market, Presale, ICO and Network Roll Out! By becoming a DIAM Ambassador, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of DIAM and Web3. The program offers unique rewards and perks, creating an engaging environment for participants.

Who Can Join

  • We are looking for ambassadors with unique perspectives, a deep understanding of DIAM, and a passion for the world of Web3, Crypto and blockchain.
  • Ambassadors can come from various backgrounds: writers, designers, developers, traders, influencers or crypto enthusiasts—everyone is welcome!

What Will You Do

  • As a DIAM Ambassador, your role is to develop and execute strategies to spread the word about DIAM and initiate growth initiatives.
  • Your contributions can include content creation, social media engagement, technical development, blog writing, community management, and more.

What will Ambassador have to do?

  • Publish information about $DIAM and upcoming events
  • Engage with $DIAM content (Like, RT, Comment)
  • Support $DIAM & Invite friends


  • Points system for each activity and three levels of ambassadors (1,2,3) depending on the activity.
  • Allocation of $DIAM (Launch Q1 2024) for each activity: More Activities, More Rewards!

Details will be provided, after contacting with selected ambassadors.

The rewards can accumulate. One Ambassador can perform several tasks to maximize the $DIAM Airdrop size!

Apply Now

To apply for the DIAM Ambassador program, fill out the application form here. All communications should be in English.

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