March 1st, 2022

Blockchain, Crypto & NFTs (Arijit Biswas)

Guest: Arijit Biswas. With over 5 years of experience in the asset management & capital market domain, Arijit Biswas holds a blend of technical and functional knowledge. Arijit began his career as a software developer, swirled in product development, and completed two SDLC in Microfinance & Multi-Level Marketing Product at Binarybloom. He explored the banking & financial services domain after completing his post-graduation in banking technology from Pondicherry University. Arijit received the best performance award in Pan India Revenue Generation for two consecutive months in 2014. Currently, he is the CTO of Diamante Blockchain. We talk about the evolution of blockchain (from the past to the future!), the markets currently making use of it (besides the financial market), the development of the crypto market, NFTs trends, and what’s new with Diamante platform.

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Source: Future Hacker (English)

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