April 26th, 2021

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How to Choose a Promising ICO Investment

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a great way to raise capital. These days, they have become the most popular way to reach potential investors and raise funds. ICOs are both – advantageous and risky investments. They create buzz, opportunities, and entrepreneurship for the business.

Among tons of ICOs happening worldwide, it is quite challenging to choose the right ICO for your investment. Almost all ICOs seem promising with huge rewards and other benefits. But before you decide to pick one, you should consider these. Here is the checklist for you before stepping into an ICO.

How to Choose a Promising ICO Investment?
  • It is all about the COMPANY

Before you quickly decide to invest in one of the ICOs, you should read the company and understand the firm’s significant aims and objectives. The industry, the purpose, the mission, and the vision are a mandatory part of the checklist. So read the company thoroughly.

  • Know the TEAM

A good project is built on great ideas! We don’t often find meaningful and purposeful startups. And these are designed and executed by masterminds. So you should always try talking to the team behind the company and ICO. Interacting with them could give you a great insight into the company. So you should know if the team has the potential to win the race!

  • Go for Real CONCEPTS

As far as the projects address the real-world challenges, they will stand strong and revolutionary. You should always go for disruptive concepts that are unique, advanced, and flexible. So ensure that you go for the projects that maintain a particular industry’s status quo rather than diverting you into a different business.

  • Analyze the MARKET

When you invest in an ICO, the company or the people, and the market are quite crucial. So you should understand the market and the target range. Look for challenges and opportunities that have real solutions. Analyze the market, the technology and know if the startup has the power and potential to beat the competition.

  • Read the WHITE PAPER

A well-written white paper serves as the company’s pitch. Mainly focus on the quality of the content and given attention to the minute details as well. It talks about the company, the project, and the ICO. It reveals the details of how the solutions are designed and executed. So they are almost a great instrument to decide whether to invest or not.

  • Get to Know the COINS

The coins don’t just act as a form of security tokens or offer utility functions. But have various perks and benefits within them. They can be used on an ecosystem platform to utilize the respective company’s services or solutions.

For instance, DIAM is the native digital asset on the Diamante Network. It is a utility-based coin that received a no-action letter from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA. Global banks, currency exchanges, payment service providers, corporate houses, and e-commerce merchants accept DIAM. 

DIAM is used as an access coin, granting users access to the ecosystem and platform of products and services. All transactions, financial, or document transfer will see a certain amount of DIAM burnt catering to its anti-spam mechanism onto the network. The utility of DIAM will be seen increasing as various applications would be built on Diamante Net. A total of 10 billion DIAM Coins (the maximum total supply) are pre-mined on the Diamante Net protocol.

For more details, visit diamcircle.io.

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