April 22nd, 2024

Hand placing the final piece on a staircase of wooden blocks with directional arrows and years, symbolizing Diamante Blockchain's strategic growth plan towards revolutionizing global finance by 2026.

Diamante Blockchain Announces Strategic Blueprint for Revolutionizing Global Finance by 2026

Abu Dhabi, UAE, April 18, 2024 – In an ambitious move that reiterates its commitment to innovation and sustainability, Diamante Blockchain today announced its strategic roadmap for the next 2-3 years with DiamCircle, its subsidiary, poised to lead a transformative journey in the global digital landscape. Leveraging its proprietary Diamante Net, the proprietary blockchain network of Diamante Blockchain aims to introduce groundbreaking security measures, scalability solutions, interoperability, and eco-friendly initiatives that are set to redefine industry standards.

The strategy also involves expanding into new geographic markets, specifically around India, the UAE, and the USA, where there is an expected upturn in demand for their offerings. The Fintech Blockchain market, currently valued at $4.66 billion in 2024,  is projected to surge to $31.84 billion by 2029 (Mordor Intelligence). This would represent an increase of 46.92% CAGR. (Mordor Intelligence).

By integrating innovative payment gateway solutions and tapping into its existing infrastructure for tailored services around finance, digital payments, and trade, including highly competitive credit solutions without traditional banking constraints, Diamante aims to streamline operations and also lower transaction costs while increasing transaction speed and security.

A group of experienced professionals spearhead Diamante’s strategic advances. Co-founder and CEO Dinesh Patel leads the way in company direction and growth. Operations are managed by Co-founder and COO Chirag Jetani, CTO Arijit Biswas is responsible for the technology strategy, centering system architectures as a priority. Digital banking and blockchain expert Prasanna Lohar operates as CIO, while CMO Lalit Choudhary oversees marketing strategies and branding initiatives.

“Diamante’s roadmap is meticulously designed to expand our technological footprint and also to offer a richer, more integrated financial experience to our users worldwide,” said Dinesh Patel, CEO. “We are excited about the possibilities our next-phase growth strategies will unlock, particularly in enhancing user engagement and satisfaction,” he added.

Diamante Blockchain’s proprietary blockchain platform Diamante Net supports its move to become a payments super-app, Paycircle, which combines banking, payment, investment, and accounting services. Diamante Net’s multi-layered authentication and anti-spam controls ensure robust security for both individual users and businesses. Diamante Blockchain also focuses on being eco-friendly, shifting toward sustainable proof of stake consensus and carbon offset programs.

Diamante also continues to push boundaries beyond traditional finance into sectors like e-commerce, healthcare, and insurance, using blockchain tech to secure transactions and enhance data management. CreditCircle, another flagship product of Diamante Blockchain, leverages cryptocurrencies as collateral for instant credits, thereby positioning the company as a comprehensive provider of digital solutions.

“Our focus is clear — to integrate cutting-edge technology with user-centric financial solutions, creating a seamless and secure, decentralized environment that caters to all aspects of personal and corporate needs,” added Prasanna Lohar, CIO. He also said, “Our strategic geographical and product expansions are geared towards setting new standards in the blockchain ecosystem.”

So far, Diamante Blockchain has celebrated several major milestones that demonstrate its growing influence in the industry. The integration of BNB Chain’s Greenfield, raising over $5 million in the DIAM presale, and the launch of the Diamante Grant under Diamante Labs all show that the company is committed to nurturing innovation and development across blockchain, AI, and Web3 spaces.

In coming years, Diamante Blockchain plans significant expansions and enhancements. In 2024, PayCircle will support cross-chain transactions, broadening its utility across major networking and introducing MetaCircle for gamified services in collaboration with Bollywoodirect. For 2025, Diamante Blockchain plans to integrate Diamante Net into human resources and asset management, as well as enhancing customer relations and logistics traceability and in 2026, the company aims to initiate a quantum blockchain roadmap, paving the way for next-generation blockchain technology.

About Diamante Blockchain

Diamante Blockchain is committed to innovating with its protocol, Diamante Net, aiming to drive blockchain adoption globally. They focus on creating an inclusive, open-source environment that empowers developers and users alike, facilitating value creation and efficiency across borders. With a strong belief in community and collaboration, Diamante Blockchain strives to enhance the security and scalability of blockchain infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable and equitable digital future for all.

Contact Details: 
Name: Lalit Choudhary
Title: Chief Marketing Officer
Email: lalit@diamanteblockchain.com
Phone Number: 9833103731
Telegram: @oldmonnk86
Website URL: www.diamanteblockchain.com, | www.diamcircle.com, | www.paycircle.io

Source: Coinmarketcap

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