April 26th, 2024

Diamante Blockchain Receives the CertiK Gold Badge with a 94 Security Score and Ranks #2 Among Trending Projects

Diamante Blockchain Receives the CertiK Gold Badge with a 94 Security Score and Ranks #2 Among Trending Projects

ABU DHABI, UAE, April 25, 2024 / EINPresswire.com / — Diamante Blockchain, the US-based Layer-1 blockchain entity, is proud to announce that it has successfully passed every stage of the CertiK verification and due diligence process and received the official CertiK KYC Gold Badge with a staggering security score of 94 and ranks #2 in Pre-Launch category.

Diamante Blockchain has undergone rigorous private identity and background checks, ensuring the project meets the stringent criteria of CertiK. Thus, CertiK has recognized Diamante Blockchain with the accolades, highlighting the project’s commitment and high standards in maintaining transparency, trustworthiness and security.

CertiK’s KYC verification process employs a diligent vetting process while maintaining the confidentiality of data protection. The investigators of the audit firm carefully verify the project’s real-time security posture using on-chain and off-chain data and the project’s code to successfully pass the due diligence process and award the esteemed “KYC Badge” to the projects. CertiK’s badge and security score enhances accountability, trust and transparency across the respective communities, minimizing the risk of fraud to the projects.

“It takes immense pride in achieving an impressive security score from a renowned audit firm, CertiK. The highest security score underscores our commitment to robust security to safeguard the Diamante ecosystem, technical capabilities of our network, fundamentals of our project and the data of our stakeholders,” said Dinesh Patel, Co-founder and CEO of Diamante Blockchain.

“We’re happy to see our efforts being recognized, and we look forward to uphold the highest standards of excellence,” said Chirag Jetani, Co-Founder & COO of Diamante Blockchain. “We will remain committed to fostering a sustainable, secured and transparent ecosystem for our community and stakeholders,” he added.

CertiK has assessed Diamante’s proprietary blockchain network, Diamante Net, testing the smart contracts against both common and uncommon attack vectors and audited the codebase and contract structure to ensure compliance with current best practices of industry standards. The KYC Gold Verification identifies Diamante Net as fully compliant and secure, and proves its authenticity in the blockchain and Web3 space.

About Diamante Blockchain

Diamante Blockchain is committed to innovating with its protocol, Diamante Net, aiming to drive blockchain adoption globally. They focus on creating an inclusive, open-source environment that empowers developers and users alike, facilitating value creation and efficiency across borders. With a strong belief in community and collaboration, Diamante Blockchain strives to enhance the security and scalability of blockchain infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable and equitable digital future for all.

About CertiK and its Verification and KYC Badge

CertiK is the leading provider of blockchain security and advisory services for Web3 organizations, with a comprehensive suite of security solutions. CertiK’s KYC rigorous verification process identifies the team behind a project and evaluates its trustworthiness. This includes identification of the entire core team, as well as a thorough individual background investigation. This information is then reviewed by CertiK’s team of experienced former intelligence and law enforcement investigators, who conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of the project’s team. The entire core team is verified and vetted by CertiK, providing enhanced safety and security for the project team and its users and partners. Throughout the whole process, private information is kept secure and never shared with unauthorized parties.

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Source: The Associated Press

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