May 7th, 2024

Diamante Blockchain Collaborates with CertiK to Revolutionize the Blockchain Industry Landscape

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 07 May 2024: Diamante Blockchain (Diamante), a leading Layer 1 blockchain network, proudly announces yet another significant partnership with CertiK, a renowned leader in blockchain security and auditing solutions. The two dynamic forces have teamed up to revolutionize industry standards with robust security and reliability to the users.

The strategic partnership aims CertiK to serve as the security and audit partner for Diamante Blockchain, leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to strengthen the Diamante ecosystem against potential vulnerabilities and threats. As a company offering secure and scalable innovative technology solutions and now fortified by CertiK, Diamante Blockchain is on a mission to set new benchmarks in trust, transparency, and security across diverse sectors.

“We’re thrilled to partner with CertiK, and this partnership is a significant step forward in terms of offering utmost secure and cost-effective blockchain solutions, said Chirag Jetani, Co-founder & COO of Diamante Blockchain. “With CertiK’s expertise and support, we are confident to deliver unparalleled value to our stakeholders,” he added.

In addition to the strategic alliance with CertiK, Diamante Blockchain has received the CertiK KYC Gold Badge, Contract Verification Badge after undergoing comprehensive verification, and Bug Bounty Program Badge, along with an impressive security score of 94.00 (AAA) rating, ranking #2 worldwide and placing in the top 10% of all the projects. Diamante Blockchain’s Skynet Profile stands out with a code score of 93.41, demonstrating its commitment to coding excellence and adherence to best practices. The operational score marks 97.24, signifying robust project operations and management; the community score of 93.22 highlights the company’s dedication in engaging with and building the community.

About Diamante Blockchain 

Diamante Blockchain is committed to innovating with its protocol, Diamante Net, aiming to drive blockchain adoption globally. They focus on creating an inclusive, open-source environment that empowers developers and users alike, facilitating value creation and efficiency across borders. With a strong belief in community and collaboration, Diamante Blockchain strives to enhance the security and scalability of blockchain infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable and equitable digital future for all.

About CertiK 

CertiK is the leading provider of blockchain security and advisory services for Web3 organizations, with a comprehensive suite of security solutions that includes

– Rigorous KYC Verification process to verify project teams to ensure reliability with in-depth background investigations;

– Skynet Active Monitoring to offer real-time security oversight, proactive identification and address threats to ensure safety;

– Contract Verification with detailed audits of smart contracts to identify and rectify security flaws;

– Bug Bounty Programs to encourage and reward ethical hackers for finding and reporting system vulnerabilities.

– A verified GitHub repository, ensuring the security and consistent monitoring of our smart contracts.

This information is then reviewed by CertiK’s team of experienced former intelligence and law enforcement investigators, who conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of the project’s team. The entire core team is verified and vetted by CertiK, providing enhanced safety and security for the project team and its users and partners. Throughout the whole process, private information is kept secure and never shared with unauthorized parties.

Contact Details: 

Name: Lalit Choudhary

Title: Chief Marketing Officer


Phone Number: 9833103731

Telegram: @oldmonnk86

Website URL: | | |

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