May 20th, 2024

Diamante Blockchain partnership with Namma Blockchain showcasing the Diamante ecosystem with over 1 million strong community. Featured brands include DIAM, DiamCircle, MudraCircle, PayCircle, MetaCircle, Diamante Net, CreditCircle, and CryptoNewz.

Diamante Blockchain Announces Strategic Collaboration with Namma Blockchain: Aims to Strengthen Blockchain Community

Abu Dhabi, 20 May 2024 Diamante Blockchain (Diamante), the pioneering layer 1 blockchain-based entity, is thrilled to announce another significant partnership with Namma Blockchain, a Bengaluru-based innovative community platform conducting blockchain events to connect investors, founders, tech enthusiasts and blockchain experts.

Diamante Blockchain and Namma Blockchain collaborate to conduct initiatives such as hackathons, meetups, events and workshops as well as online webinars, including Twitter spaces & Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and community outreach programs. The strategic partnership also aims to foster the adoption of Diamante Net and promote its utility with the initiatives of Namma Blockchain to benefit the vast majority of the blockchain community.

“Our partnership with Namma Blockchain marks an important milestone in our efforts to expand our ecosystem. By collaborating, we’re reaching out to developers, aiming to showcase the capabilities of Diamante Net. Namma Bengaluru’s support is invaluable in our outreach program. Their local presence and community connections enhance our efforts to connect with talented minds. Through various events and programs, we’re making our platform more accessible, inviting everyone to explore its potential and contribute to the decentralized future,” said Lalit Choudhary, Chief Marketing Officer, Diamante Blockchain.

“Through this collaboration with Diamante Blockchain, we aim to leverage our combined strengths to add value and deliver powerful opportunities to aid the blockchain community,” said Sai Bharath Addanki, Partnerships Manager, Namma Blockchain.

This collaboration will enhance the community engagement and also drive the adoption of blockchain globally driving towards positive impact and deploying sustainable solutions.

About Diamante Blockchain 

Diamante Blockchain is committed to innovating with its layer 1 blockchain protocol, Diamante Net, aiming to drive AI & blockchain adoption globally. The entity focuses on creating an inclusive, open-source environment that empowers developers, businesses and users alike, facilitating value creation and efficiency across borders. With a strong belief in community and collaboration, Diamante Blockchain strives to enhance the security and scalability of blockchain infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable and equitable digital future for all.

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Lalit Choudhary 

Chief Marketing Officer

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Source: DefiDraft

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