April 29th, 2024

Diamante Blockchain and Credshields Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Blockchain Security and Infrastructure

Credshields Technologies Pte Ltd and Diamante Blockchain proudly announce a strategic partnership to enhance security and efficiency within the blockchain sector. This alliance combines Credshields’s comprehensive security auditing services with Diamante Blockchain’s innovative blockchain infrastructure solutions, promoting a more secure and accessible digital future.

The partnership is founded on a commitment to fostering robust security measures and scalable blockchain solutions. Highlights of the collaboration include preferential discounts on services and joint marketing initiatives designed to amplify the impact and reach of both organizations in the blockchain industry.

Credshields, known for its pioneering security solutions in Web 3.0, will provide enhanced auditing services at preferential rates to blockchain projects introduced by Diamante Blockchain. In turn, Diamante Blockchain will support Credshields with strategic marketing efforts, including a multi-channel promotional campaign and joint public relations initiatives to highlight the partnership and its benefits to the blockchain community.

Diamante Blockchain will extend discounts on its cloud services to Credshields, ensuring cost-effective scalability for handling large-scale data and transaction loads essential for modern blockchain operations.

Arijit Biswas, Chief Technology Officer at Diamante Blockchain, commented, “Our partnership with Credshields is a significant milestone in our journey to advance blockchain technology. Together, we are setting new standards for security and infrastructure that will undoubtedly accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology across various sectors.”

Indranil Roy, Director of Credshields, added, “This strategic alliance with Diamante Blockchain enhances our ability to offer top-tier security audits at an accessible price

point, furthering our mission to support secure and sustainable blockchain development.”

The collaboration has already begun, with both companies actively engaging in strategic planning and implementation to maximize the partnership’s impact.

About Diamante Blockchain

Diamante Blockchain is committed to innovating with its protocol, Diamante Net, aiming to drive blockchain adoption globally. They focus on creating an inclusive, open-source environment that empowers developers and users alike, facilitating value creation and efficiency across borders. With a strong belief in community and collaboration, Diamante Blockchain strives to enhance the security and scalability of blockchain infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable and equitable digital future for all.

About Credshields Technologies Pte Ltd

Credshields is redefining Web 3.0 security by providing credible, accessible, and affordable solutions. As a leader in security auditing services, Credshields offers comprehensive assessments designed to fortify blockchain and cryptocurrency projects against threats, ensuring integrity and fostering trust within the digital ecosystem.

Contact Information:

Lalit Choudhary

Chief Marketing Officer


Indranil Roy Director


Website URL

www.diamanteblockchain.com | www.diamcircle.com

Source: Coin Edition

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