February 22nd, 2021

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Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2021

Ever since the development of Bitcoin, it has hit the jackpot and come a long way. It has shown significant progress and almost offered a win-win situation for all its investors. But it’s time to realize that several other best cryptocurrencies are waiting to give the next big spike in the crypto market. 

Let’s take a look at the cryptocurrencies to invest in for 2021.


Although Bitcoin holds the highest value, parallelly, there are 7,000 other cryptocurrencies available in the market. Anyways, not all of these are profitable, but they might pay off later. Now the question is about which of these cryptocurrencies can give the best shot in 2021? Which among these could be the most valuable investment in 2021?

Here’s a closer take!


So far, Bitcoin offered a significant benefit over its competitors. From the beginning of the crypto era, Bitcoin established a firm status in the investors’ mind. Bitcoin price has always been to ups and downs, but it’s still the first choice of most investors and newcomers. 

Besides this, the big announcement of PayPal launching a new service, allowing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a funding source for purchases, has caused an enormous surge of interest. This announcement raised the prices of Bitcoin and for sure will go into the mainstream in 2021.


Ethereum remained consistent. Its launch of Ethereum 2.0 and the transition to the Proof-of-Stake algorithm competed equally with Bitcoin. Not even Bitcoin could match with Ethereum’s resilience in 2020. 

Ethereum’s high levels of liquidity and the ease with which investors can easily buy and sell made it more stable in the crypto market. If you are looking for any other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, you should go for Ethereum! 


Monero came up with a unique wave. Its decentralization nature with robust privacy features made it grow more popular. Investors look around for Monero to play a safe game online. 

Although its price fell in 2018, it regained power and overtook the losses. Monero continues to trend upward. If you are looking for the safest cryptocurrency option, you can consider investing in Monero. However, slow and steady could win the race.


Litecoin remains as quiet as a mouse. Due to its nature of being more in Bitcoin shadow, the crypto market considers Litecoin as the low investors’ option. 

But if we have to talk about crypto potential, then Litecoin tops the list. It is likely to change the crypto market in the coming years. With Paypal’s acceptance and support to sell, buy and hold Litecoin on its platform, it now stands as a fantastic opportunity to invest.

On their way to fantasy levels, the RPG game Litebringer requires the players to pay in Litecoin, which thoroughly showcases its potential.

The fact that it possesses a market capitalization of under $4 billion also makes the future very promising. Besides, Litecoin also has a presence in the gaming world, which is a massive benefit for investors. 


However, these aren’t the only choices for crypto investors. Alternatively, various other cryptocurrencies are expanding and growing day-by-day. These are just some of the best cryptocurrencies that savvy investors should be looking for! 

So, to invest in cryptocurrencies or not to, the ball is all in your court!

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