February 19th, 2021

Illuminated Bitcoin cryptocurrency with neon glow on electronic circuit board, highlighting advanced technology and digital currency trends

2021 Key Trends that are About to Change the Crypto Space

Today, we see a massive surge for cryptocurrencies, like trends in crypto space is always exciting, expanding, and encouraging. 

Although the crypto market is all-time into controversies, the crypto investors and enthusiasts always drive it towards growth and development space. Well, thanks to them! On the other hand, the crypto services from PayPal and other giants and government interest in digital currencies are also mainstreaming the crypto market. 

The speedy distribution of cryptocurrency, quick operations, wide acceptance, and high demand for crypto strengthen the other side of the digital assets space. 

Well, brands announcing the launch of their cryptocurrencies are making the market more intriguing and famous—for instance, Facebook’s upcoming launch of the stablecoin, Diem, formerly known as Libra. 

Crypto Taxation

As we see, crypto taxation is yet to be discovered, and the idea of implementing tax regulation is still unclear. The introduction of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to identify the potential investors and participants indicates the changes in the crypto market. This process of verifying appears to be more secure than ever and rising extent for cryptocurrencies. The verification process (KYC) will also improve the scope for tracking the transactions for the benefit of all.

Hence these changes are thoroughly symptomatic of the development of close monitoring tools, the government’s participation to get cryptocurrency owners’ information, and their transaction history. Therefore, it is likely that we might soon see bitcoin tax evasion lawsuits on cryptocurrency for the first time!

DeFi Trend

Decentralized finance is one of the biggest trends in the crypto world. The DeFi projects are making it more useful to invest in cryptocurrencies. Now that the smart contracts have already proved their efficiency, it is likely to see them growing in the crypto space. They will remain the key to drive the digital storage of assets and tokens. 

DeFi showcased its potential in handling the traditional financial space and banking applications. Therefore, Ethereum (ETH) will see various investors coming in, as the platform has developed a large percentage of DeFi protocols. 

The Transactions Cost

Well, the change is profound. The world will either see Ether transactions becoming cheaper due to technological innovations or Bitcoin transactions rising in price. 

These changes in the transactions or operations cost could definitely bring an impact on the cryptocurrency market. Online stores are seen attracting towards the cryptocurrency because it is much cheaper and easier to deal with than fiat currencies. So this trend will determine the usage of crypto as a means of payment.

Newbies to Crypto Space

Due to its fastest-growing nature and other unique features are already attracting newcomers. We will see young investors coming into the crypto market to learn, understand, and explore crypto’s intricacies. Thoroughly this process will prepare potential investors.

To the New Beginning

The year of digital assets – cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other exciting opportunities will undoubtedly arise in the crypto space in 2021.    

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