July 9th, 2024

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Why Web3 Gaming is a Booming Industry and How to Leverage it

Web3 games are taking the industry by storm, and some of the major gaming companies are already leveraging their chance to become pioneers in the industry.

Interesting facts about the Web 3.0 industry:

As per a report by CoinGecko, out of the world’s 40 major gaming companies, 29 have already started making investments to get into the web3 space. Some are developing their own blockchains; some are investing heavily in the Web3 gaming projects, while others are hiring blockchain developers. However, Diamante Blockchain has developed one of the most sophisticated blockchains to create the most stimulating and lucrative web3 games.

In this blog, we’ll go to length discussing the major reasons that Web3 games are going to be the next industry boom and how Diamante is contributing to the industry with state-of-the-art blockchain features.

More Innovative Digital Assets, Distribution and Monetization Models

Web3 games are one of the rare attempts to reward both players and publishers with unique and innovative monetization models. In contrast, in the traditional gaming ecosystem, only the publishers and developers take away all the profits.

With the help of Web3 games, innovators and developers are trying their best to align the incentives between the players and the publishers fairly. This novel gaming ecosystem offers a win-win situation to both gamers and publishers, as the prior have the true ownership of their digital assets that they earn or win as in-game rewards and later don’t have to seek more value at the expense of players in a negative or zero-sum way.

Then comes blockchains like Diamante Net, which offer significant features to develop some of the most rewarding and stimulating web3 games. The major features include: 

  • High efficiency with low cost: Diamante Net offers one of the fastest speeds with minimal processing fees, making it an ideal option for tokenization. The highly efficient network aims to reduce the operational cost and enhance the user experience.
  • Impeccable Security: The network uses the Diamante Consensus Protocol (DCP) to provide reliable and secure transactions. The protocol is designed to prevent double-spending and other miscellaneous activities, protecting token transactions.
  • Asset tokenization: Users can seamlessly tokenize a range of diverse digital assets on Diamante Net, including commodities, intellectual property, and digital assets. This feature helps businesses unlock liquidity and expand market access.
  • Developer-friendly: Diamante Net offers comprehensive tools and resources, such as APIs, SDKs, and documentation, simplifying the tokenization process for developers and businesses.

What else? Combining blockchain and NFT technology can transform the gaming industry and bring Web3 games to the mainstream. If the players have the option to sell their rewards and in-game assets, the developers will create new monetization models offering secondary marketplaces and royalties. Such ideas can take gaming from a $150 billion to a trillion-dollar industry.

However, developing a Web3 game from scratch is not easy for everyone, and that’s where players like Diamante Blockchain come in, offering everything you need to develop a robust Web3 game.

Enhanced Player Retention and Engagement

Player retention and engagement have always been a major challenge for the gaming industry, as every game enthusiast will love to try new games. But the real question is whether they will prefer to keep playing that game.

As per a report, in a traditional gaming ecosystem, the typical monthly average revenue generated per user is $20-30 for mainstream or old games. In the case of newly released, this can go up to $80-120 for the first week or the months post-release.

On the other hand, a typical Web3 gamer has an average monthly revenue of $130 and plays 24% more daily than an average mobile gamer. Web3 gamers also often make more transactions than Web2 gamers – indicating to developers that gamers in web3 space are willing to make more transactions.

However, onboarding new gamers can be a roadblock in the Web3 space. However developers need to create more stimulating games in order to engage gamers. They can develop metaverse-enabled games, offering gamers a real-world like gaming experience. Metaverse gaming assets are also much more popular in the Web3 gaming space.

Pick The Right Platform for Your Game & Your Gamers

Choosing the right platform for your game and the gamers’ needs is the key to building a robust Web3 game. Developers need to make sure that their Web3 game is backed by a reliable, secure, seamless, and easily scalable blockchain network so that their game doesn’t crash or hang with the increasing number of players.

Diamante Blockchain’s layer 1 hybrid network checks all these benchmarks. Again, it is one of the fastest, safest, reliable, and scalable blockchain networks in the industry right now. Apt for the Web3 gaming space.

The Synergy of Innovation: Diamante Blockchain Collaboration with ABGA

 It also implies that strategic partnerships can yield significant and quick results in the dynamic environment of blockchain technology and gaming. The alliance between Diamante Blockchain and ABGA is a promising collaboration. This collaboration unites the strong technical background of Diamante Blockchain with the big community and industry reach of ABGA to stimulate the bright development of the Web3 gaming sector globally.

ABGA: Leading the Web3 Gaming Evolution

ABGA is a groundbreaking club in the Web3 gaming industry backed by Web3 industry giants. Its mission is based on the concept of connecting game enthusiasts through the use of blockchain, especially on the combined strength of Asian games. Currently, ABGA aims to build the largest blockchain game ecosystem at a global level, where the industry participants can develop collectively to determine the future of blockchain games.

Diamante Blockchain: Empowering Innovation with Blockchain & AI

Diamante Blockchain, with its state-of-the-art Diamante Net, a hybrid, layer 1 blockchain protocol, offers a secure, scalable, and efficient blockchain infrastructure and also AI technology tailored for various industries, including gaming. Diamante Net provides a robust platform for building decentralized applications (dApps), ensuring seamless integration, high performance, and enhanced security. This makes it an ideal foundation for developing innovative gaming projects that can leverage blockchain technology’s unique capabilities.

The Benefits of the Alliance: Diamante Blockchain X ABGA

Access to ABGA Community: One of the most significant advantages of any gaming project built on Diamante Net is gaining access to the ABGA community. This access offers a wealth of opportunities for networking, collaboration, and exposure within the Web3 gaming industry. By integrating into this vibrant community, developers can connect with industry leaders, investors, and other stakeholders, accelerating the growth and adoption of their projects.

Enhanced Credibility and Support: ABGA is a reputable organization in Web3 gaming that can foster projects created on Diamante Net. Such credibility could bring more users, investors, and partners trust and confidence in the project’s prospects. Furthermore, by embracing Diamante Blockchain and ABGA and the resources they can offer to developers, they can move in the right direction, which will be vital to diversifying the blockchain gaming industry.

Market Expansion and Reach: The partnership between these dynamic entities paves the way to the extremely large and fast-growing Asian gaming market. Thus, addressing this market allows projects on the Diamante Net to receive extensive attention and increase the number of active users, including gamers and investors. This sort of market expansion results in more revenues and a larger stake in the international gaming environment.

Construction of Global Blockchain Game Industry Ecology: In this case, through the mutual development of the Asian gaming market and the adoption of blockchain technology, the collaboration aims to construct a complete blockchain game chain ecology. Thus, this will help boost the exchange of ideas, technologies, and practices to ensure that the blockchain and Asian gaming industry, is at its best across the globe.

Diamante Grant by the Diamante Lab

Diamante Lab has recently launched the Diamante Grant, a funding program aimed at fostering innovation and development in the gaming industry. The Lab offers funding and advisory support to potential gaming projects that showcase originality, creativity, and are ambitious to create high impact in the gaming industry. Along with funding, potential projects will receive mentorship and access to Diamante’s blockchain network, Diamante Net and cutting-edge developer resources. The selection process if rigorous, focusing not only on the technicalities of the project but also on the ability to keep gamers engaged and captivate the audience.

Diamante Blockchain is committed to nurturing emerging talent, groundbreaking games and innovation through the Diamante Lab’s grant.


Thus, the collaboration between Diamante Blockchain and ABGA is a perfect example of creating a promising Gaming & Web3 ecosystem. This benefits various gaming projects to become a part of the Diamante ecosystem as they also get the opportunity to promote their project to the dynamic 1 million community as well as access the entire Diamante ecosystem. This creates room for growth and development in the Web3 gaming sector. Diamante Blockchain’s technological infrastructure and ABGA’s industry expertise and network will help influence the future of the blockchain gaming industry worldwide. With the development of the alliance, they will significantly impact the uniting of the gaming industry and cater to the needs of international blockchain and gaming realm.

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